Frequently asked questions

How many trees may I order?

1 tree per household.

Should I sign up for a PayPal account before ordering?

Yes! This will save you time when ordering. However, you may also order with a credit card.

Do I need to live in London to order a tree?


How do I order a tree if I don't have a computer?

Computer access is available free of charge through your local library. Please check for dates and times of operation. You can also have a family member, friend, or neighbour order on your behalf.

Where and when do I pick up my tree order?

Once your online tree order is complete, you will receive an email with the location, dates, and times for tree pick-up.

Do I need to bring ID to pick up my tree?

Yes, please bring ID with you for tree pick-up. Ensure that you have received an email with tree order confirmation.

Can I pick up a tree for a friend or neighbour?

Yes, we encourage car pooling. Please bring proof of purchase.

What if I'm out of town during the scheduled pick-up dates?

Please arrange to have a family member, neighbour, or friend pick up on your behalf. Just send confirmation of your order with that person.

What size of vehicle do I need to pick up my tree?

The trees will fit in even the smallest compact cars. Hatchbacks and vehicles with fold down seat work well. Please consider bringing a plastic garbage bag to wrap the pot in.

How soon do I have to plant my tree?

The sooner you can plant your tree, the better. If you are unable to plant it right away, keep it outside in a sheltered location and ensure the pot stays well watered.